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Jimmy Moments :)
A young lady, 26 years old was diagnosed with liver issues. She was told she had a few months to live. Hardly enough time to find a liver donor. You can donate half your liver and still live.
This guy or man hears of this story, and as he says, he was taught by being a U.S. marine, you never run away from anything. ( wish there was no war) So he contacts this young woman whom of course he never met, and he tells her he will donate half his liver.
He is tested and the comparability is good.
They meet before the operation. I am aware of one lunchtime meeting. (He picked up the tab and the liver:)))))) They discuss the procedure and medical stuff at lunch and then some days later they meet at the hospital for the dual operation.
It's successful.
They fall in love.
They got married.
He did not know her when he stepped forward.
Wow, what a bond. What a beautiful story.
It just occurred to me that I would like to see a follow up segment in 5 years.
I hope they have a child and are overly consumed with their somewhat miracle trip to the alter:)))))))))))))=


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